Where Do We Stand? @Northern Stage 26/04/2018

Where Do We Stand? introduces you to a collaborative array of cultural diversity, portrayed through the eyes of Newcastle’s youth today.

Performed within Stage 2 of Northern Stage, poetic introduction leads the audience through dreamy, ambitious, energetic and at times, emotive perspectives of life, love, friendship, employment and hardship in the North East.

Through use of poetry, emotive humour and colourful storytelling, Where Do We Stand? takes us on a journey in relation to family life, life experiences and upbringing.

Substantially gripping in parts, the mood changes throughout, encouraging a pure understanding of the emotions, reality, woes and tribulations that a young person may face living in Newcastle today.

Humour and rhyme are present throughout and a fitting accompaniment to the interchanging stories of which are acted out by various actors throughout the play.

Northern Stage’s Young Company have done a fine job in framing the culture of Newcastle as it is today, from the perspective of a younger generation.

Collectively written, writer’s Mattinson and Wilson provide a truly entertaining, humorous and at times, upsetting storyline. Collectively performed, Young Company intrigue throughout.

A truly enjoyable and colourful performance.